Computer Vision Group Seminar: An Introduction to Deep Learning

University of Reading, Summer term 2015

General information

  • Content: The seminar consists of several independent lectures with different topics covering computer vision and its applications. The lecture An introduction to Deep Learning gives an introduction to deep learning and its prerequisites, including Neural Networks, Back propagation, Autoencoders, Sparsity as machine learning techniques, and further outlines advanced topics including convolution and pooling.
  • Date(s): 29.4.2015, 6.5.2015, 13.5.2015 16:00-17:00 Sullivan, University of Reading
  • Lecturers: The lecture on deep learning is given by myself. Responsible lecturer for the overall seminar: Hong Wei.
  • Access: Parts of this website are encrypted, access information is given to all attendees upon request.
  • Presentation: The Slides are available online.
  • Download: Additional material might be made available in this Download-Directory.

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